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Pakistan is a four season’s tourist’s destination. Located in South Asia, Pakistan offers diverse activities and attractions, which include history, archaeology, geography, culture, adventure and special interest, altogether.


The majestic Indus River passing through the whole stretch of the country has been a cradle of a developed and civilized system of life as ancient as those of Egypt and Mesopotamia.


Its landscape is captivating as guarded by high snow covered mountains in the North, the panorama changes as one passes through the lower lush green valleys, fertile plains, vast deserts and sandy beaches forming the boundary by Arabian Sea in the South.


The northern mountain region is a prime attraction for the summer season while the south is equally luring in winter. A traveller can opt for anything of any taste; Moenjodaro, Harappa, Taxila are attractions for the people with interest in history and archaeology, while K-2 and Nanga Parbat are the top priority attractions for adventure enthusiasts.


The lost kingdom of mountains is a natural treasure with a soft touch of adventure and culture, and with its modern feature, Karakoram Highway, relives the legendary Silk Route, which connects Pakistan with China and the Central Asian States, the prime attractions for the tourists to Asia.


Since ages, this area had a prime attraction for the great invaders and explores like Alexander of Macedonia, Buddhists, Genghis Khan, and Mongols and lately by Dutch, Portuguese and British traders. The traces of their footsteps and influence of their culture is so strong that their imprints can be found in abundance throughout the country.



Rehman Holidays, established in 1995, is one of the leading travel & tourism companies in Pakistan to cater the needs of tourists.



Rehman Holidays organizes all kinds of tours, related to history, archaeology, culture, adventure and any other special activity desired by the tourists. The tourism services are coupled with airline booking, hotel reservations and transport arrangements. From a soft tour based on comfortable hotels and luxury transport to an adventure program with camping and trekking, Rehman Holidays is reputed for its quality and personalized services.


Just book a program with us to witness the professional & personalized services of Rehman Holidays and enjoy the traditional hospitality of Pakistan.

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