Balakot serves as gateway to Kaghan Valley and is connected with Peshawar and Islamabad via Abbottabad and Mansehra. At an altitude of 1020f / 3350m above the sea level, the weather of Balakot is comparatively mild, especially in the evening and night in summer season. Balakot is located on the banks of River Kunhar, the lifeline of Kaghan Valley and has been known as one of the important historical places as Syed Ahmed and Shah Ismail The Sikhs tried to free Mansehra in the 1818 but were met with resistance from the occupying army. As the Mansehra region fell under Sikh control, it was annexed were martyred while fighting against Sikh ruling army. In Balakot their graves are still visited by followers and tourists. In 2005, Balakot was completely destroyed by an earthquake however its again settled and becomes most crowded town in summers due to heavy traffic of tourists to Kaghan Valley.

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