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Executive Umrah Packages

Executive Umrah 2019


Umrah is a holy duty and since there is no fixed time to perform it, you will find plenty of Umrah Packages throughout the year that will accommodate you just the right way. But when it comes to Best Umrah Packages, Rehman Travels offers you with the best ones. They even give you the opportunity to design your own Umrah package according to your budget and see for yourself regarding the necessities and facilities you will be needing


So, let’s take a little time out and tell you about the Umrah packages we are offering and how you can suit it best for yourself.

1.     Executive Umrah Packages

Do you want to experience a holy trip in luxury? Well, you can try our executive Umrah package because it provides you with top notch facilities and amazing traveling experience. Our executive packages will take you to five-star hotels, amazing cuisines, pick and drop services in air-conditioned cars and so much more. You also get to be more content experience Umrah in a truly enigmatic way.

2.     Economy Umrah Package

If you want to experience something that is not just convenient but highly affordable as well, you can always go for an economy package. Rehman Travel Economy packages are really good for those who don’t want to over budget themselves but still have an amazing experience. Our services, even in an economy package are topnotch and you can remain certain that you will not have to face any sort of inconvenience in a country you don’t really know.

3.     Design your own Umrah package

Well, not every travel agency gives you this chance but the first and foremost priority of Rehman Travel is the facilitation of their clients. If our provisioned packages don’t seem convenient for you, you can always go for a Custom Designed Umrah Package. Choose your facilities yourself and pay accordingly. You can always strike out the things you don’t need and add the things you require; Rehman travels will do its best to provide with all the services you ask.

Umrah Package Benefits & Facilities

We Offers Following below mentioned facilities in 5 Star or Executive Umrah Packages.

Hotel Facilities

Rehman group of travels provides 5 Star, 4 Star or any other hotel according to your requirements.

  • Air-conditioned Rooms
  • Family Rooms
  • Accommodation Close Haram in Makkah & Madinah
  • Breakfast Inclusive, Lunch & Dinner on Demand
  • Separate Rooms for Families
  • Free WiFi
  • Room Service
  • Facilities for Disabled Guests

Ziyarat of Saudia Arabia

Rehman group of travels provides pilgrim the facility to visit holy places in Makkah & Madinah on demand.

Ziyarat in Makkah

  • Masjid Al Haram
  • Masjid Aisha (Second largest Mosque in Makkah)
  • Jabal Al-Rahma
  • Jannat Al-Mualla (Cemetery in Makkah)
  • Jabal Nur (The Mount on which the Cave of Hira is found)/
  • Jabal Thawr (Ghar E Thor)
  • Cave (Ghar) of Hira
  • Masjid E Nimra
  • Birth Place of the Holy Prophet [s] National Libray of Makkah
  • Masjid Jin
  • Mount Abu Qubais
  • Muzdalifah
  • Masjid Al Khayf


Ziyarat in Madinah

  • Masjid E Quba
  • Masjid E Nabawi Sharif
  • Roza Mubarak
  • Riyaad-ul-Jannah
  • Ustuwaanah Aisha (may Allah be pleased with her)
  • Masjid Abu Bakar
  • Masjid E Juma
  • Masjid Bilal
  • Bir Usman
  • Masjid E Khandaq
  • Masjid Miqat Bir Ali
  • Jannat Ul Baqi
  • Masjid E Qiblatain
  • Wadi E Al-Baida (Wadi Jinn)


Provided rates may vary due to high season rates, airfares and availability of hotels.