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Umrah Packages

Umrah Packages Cover

Umrah the beautiful Sunnah of our Prophet (PBUH) and can be undertaken at any time of the year. Every Muslim had a desire to perform Umrah without any hassle-free and difficulty. Consult the Rehman Travels they offer the best Umrah packages that cover your Umrah accommodation, Umrah transport, Umrah visa, and Umrah Tickets. 


So, let’s take a little time out and tell you about the Umrah packages we are offering and how you can suit it best for yourself.  


Perform Umrah and visit Dubai:

Package  Hira Hotel Makkah||Jawahart Al Kher Hotel Madinah
Duration Makkah Madinah Dubai Double Triple Quad
15 5 5 4 PKR PKR PKR
NOTE : All prices are per person in PKR without air ticket,Price may fluctuate/subject to change
Package Includes : All hotels are in 2/3 star category range,All Visas included,Umrah transfers included(shared basis),City tours and ziarats are optional



Umrah 2019

Executive Umrah Package

VIP Umrah Package

Economy Umrah Package

Best Umrah Packages

Cheap Umrah Packages


Executive Umrah Price


In Executive Umrah Package or VIP Umrah Package stay in 4 star and 5 star hotels that are close to Khana Kaba and Masjid Nabawi. Travel around the Makkah and Madina in air-conditioned cars with best possible low prices. 


Economy Umrah Price


Economy Umrah package is good for those for who would like to perform the religious journey at a low price. Our services in Economy Umrah Package are also very top-hole and meet client needs and requirements with lowest possible prices. 


Umrah Package Inclusions


Makkah and Madina Hotel

Umrah Visa

Umrah Airline Ticket

Umrah Transport

Airport facility


Umrah Hotels


In Executive Umrah Package and Economy Umrah Package stay in the best hotels of Makkah and Madina. Best Hotel services are provided to the pilgrims. Breakfast, room service, WI-FI, and air-conditioned rooms are included in both packages.


Umrah Visa


We offer Umrah Visa at cheap rates. Get Umrah Visa from us and also get the guide for Umrah E-Visa for the Umrah pilgrims. If your family member lives in Dubai, UK, Malaysia, Canada and anywhere in the world we also provide them Umrah E-Visa if they fulfill Umrah Visa Requirements


Umrah Airline Tickets


Book cheap Umrah airline ticket from Rehman Travels of different airlines. We offer the best Umrah Package deals for the Umrah pilgrims. Get the direct flight to Makkah and Madina no connecting flight.


Umrah Transport

Umrah Transport in Makkah and Madina is a big issue so Rehman Travels solve this problem. Explore the Makkah and Madina in air-conditioned cars. No need to wait or hire a taxi or cab in Umrah trip.

Airport facility in Umrah

In Umrah you don’t need to worry at Jeddah airport because our team at the airport to assist and guide you in all the matters of Umrah. Pilgrims face many issues at the airport but when you travel with us you don’t face any inconvenience. 




What are the types of Umrah Packages?


We provide the four different Umrah Packages. 

Executive Umrah Package

Economy Umrah Package

Best Umrah Package

Cheap Umrah Package


How do you perform Umrah?


In Islam Umrah has four basic rights or rituals that should be performed by every Muslim. 

1. Ihram

2. Tawaf

3. Sayee

4. Hair Cutting


What is Tawaf in Umrah?


Tawaf means moving around the Khana Kaba seven times. Men have to leave their right shoulder bare only during the entire Tawaf and this is known as Idtiba. Hajar-e-Aswad is the starting point of Tawaf. Make Niyyah and then start Tawaf. Moving around the Khana Kaba and when reached to Hajar-e-Aswad raise your hands and say:

“Allahu Akbar”

In Islam, the act of pointing and kissing Hajar-e-Aswad is called “Istilam”. In the first three circles, men should walk with short steps. This is called “Ramal”. And in the remaining four circles he walks normally. After Tawaf pilgrims offer two rakats in any place in the mosque and drink Zamzam water.  


Is it good to consult the travel agent for Umrah?


Yes, when you are first time planning to perform Umrah then you should consult the travel agent. Hotel booking, Umrah transport, Umrah Visa, Umrah airline ticket and all other things are handled by the Umrah agent. You don’t need to rush into these things. Everything is arranged by the Umrah agent. 


How long is Umrah?


Umrah can be performed in less than 5 hours. One day will be more than enough to perform Umrah. If you reach Makkah and have the ability to perform Umrah then perform it first. 



Plan and book the cheap Umrah package and the luxury Umrah package according to your budget from Rehman Travels.