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30 Days

Malaysia E Visa

Single Entry USD 55 /-Per Person
  • Immigration visa Fee 
  • Service Charges 
  • All Taxes
  • 30 Days Duration of Stay in Malaysia 
  • 3Month Visa Validity (Travel Time )
  • Processing time is 5 to 6 working days 
30 Days

Malaysia Sticker Visa

Single Entry PKR 22000 /-Per Person
  • Malaysian Embasssy Visa Fee 
  • Service Charges 
  • All Taxes
  • 30 Days Duration of Stay in Malaysia 
  • 3Month Visa Validity (Travel Time )
  • Processing time is one working week 

Malaysia is famous for the rainforest and coastal tourism. Malaysia is sometimes known as the city of entertainment. Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia. It has a very rich cultural heritage. Many travelers visit Malaysia for scuba diving. Malaysian street food is very famous in Malaysia. Buses, Taxis, Cars are used for travel in Malaysia.   

Malaysia Visa Policy

Malaysia has a visa policy to issue visa to three type of travel purpose which are for Tourism, Business and Study

    Malaysia Tourist Visa

  • Malaysia Work Visa 
  • Malaysia Study Visa

Malaysia Visit Visa Requirements

  • Original Passport 
  • Last Six Month Bank Statement 
  • 03 Pictures with White Background  
  • CNIC Photo Copy

Malaysia Visit Visa Services 

Rehman Travels provide an amazing offer to provide Malaysia visit visa to Pakistanis and other nationalities of the world. There is no Malaysian embassy working in Pakistan so the Malaysian Government has given access to Rehman Travels for the drop box of Malaysian embassy so you can easily submit documents that are required for Malaysia visa. Rehman Travels offer different tour packages of Malaysia at very cheap rates. 

Malaysia Visit Visa fee

Malaysia Visit Visa fee for Pakistanis varies for different type of visas and not the exact fee every time. Consult Rehman Travels for Malaysia Visit Visa. Our services are available 24/7 at +92 (0) 51 111 786 785.  

Malaysia E Visa

Malaysia E Visa is a way of getting the Malaysian Visa online. Travelers or Visitors required the Malaysia e visa to enter Malaysia. Apply for E-Visa if you have traveled to abroad four times. Book cheap flights to Kuala Lumpur for e visa 


Malaysia E-Visa Requirements

  • Scan Copy of Passport
  • Scan Copy of C N I C
  • Last Six Month Bank Statement 
  • 01 Pictures in White Background
  • Valid email address in which the visa will sent

Malaysia Islands

Malaysia has breathtaking islands like Tioman Island, Sipadan, Redang Island, Borneo, Mabul Island, Kapas Island, Penang Island, Gaya Island, Mataking Island, Banggi Island, Pom Pom Island, Aur Island, Pulau Sibuan, Dinawan Island and many other beautiful islands. March to September is the best time to visit Malaysia Islands. 

Things to do in Malaysia

Many attractive sightseeing places in Malaysia are Petronas Twin Towers, Batu Caves, Merdeka Square, Taman Negara, Bako National Park, Penang Hill, A-Famosa, Langkawi Cable Car, National Museum of Malaysia, and Jamek Mosque. 

Malaysia Tour Packages

Rehman Travels offers different Malaysia tour packages according to your requirements. 

  • Malaysia Group package
  • Malaysia honeymoon packages
  • Malaysia holiday packages

Travel Tips for Malaysia Travel

  • Use local Transport
  • Should experience Hiking in Rainforest
  • Learn few words of Malaysian language
  • Return Ticket
  • Valid Passport



What is the E Visa for Malaysia?

E Visa is required for those who have traveled abroad and can be applied via drop box of Malaysia. Through e visa you can stay in Malaysia for 30 days. Traveler passport should be valid for e visa. Pakistan, China, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, and Bangladesh are eligible for E Visa. Updates and notifications regarding the Malaysian E Visa status will email to the applicant and E Visa will also sent via email to the applicant. 


Is there any drop box of Malaysia in Islamabad Pakistan?

There is no Malaysian embassy in Pakistan but Rehman Travels had the drop box of Malaysian embassy so you can easily submit documents that are required for the visa. Visit visa, student visa, and work visa are deal by Malaysia drop box. 7 to 12 working days are required for the visa processing. Try to submit the visa application in advance. 


Is Malaysia visa free for Pakistan?

For Pakistanis Malaysia has a friendly visa policy. Diplomatic and official passport holders are not required visa but a general Pakistani passport holder need a visa for Malaysia. Visa can be applied through e visa and Malaysian Embassy in Pakistan. E Visa is valid for 3 months and for 30 days you will stay in Malaysia.

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