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Rehman Travel Philippines Visit Visa

Philippines Visit Visa

  • Duration : 30 Days
  • Fee : PKR. 8500 /-PKR
  • Validity : 3 Month

Visa Requirements :

  • Passport valid for a period of not less than six(6) months beyond the contemplated period of stay in the Philippines;
  • (1). Personal appearance by the applicant;
  • (2). Two (2) sets of accomplished and signed visa application forms no. 2A;
  • (3). Confirmed airline tickets valid for travel to the Philippines and for subsequent return to the country of origin or to the next country of destination (including a valid visa to that country, if one is required;
  • (4). Two (2) sets of photocopies of the relevant pages (information pages) of the passport and airline ticket;
  • (5). Two (2) 3.5 cm x 4.5 cm ID photographs taken within a period of six months prior to the application for visa;
  • (6). Police character certificate or clearance issued by authorities at the place of residence or business of the applicant and issued not more than six months prior to the application for visa, attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
  • (7). Bank statement or report of bank balance attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
  • (8). Confirmed hotel booking. This must be sent by mail, courier, or facsimile by the hotel to the Embassy;
  • (9). Other supporting documents as may be required by the Consular Officer after evaluation of the application